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Pittsford Class of 1970 Journeys

We all took off from the same place and time, Pittsford High School in 1970. But oh, the places we’ve been, the families we’ve raised, the people who have come into our lives, and the livelihoods we have created! Click on your name to take you to a page where you are invited to tell your classmates about your journey. Write a few paragraphs, upload a couple images- contemplate what you would convey to someone who sees you (or emails you) for the first time in 50 years. Catch him/her up on the highlights (or the lowlights). What are you proud of? Who made an impression on you and helped you on your journey? Bring back a memory, or tell us your story. Individual experiences have power and relevance beyond our own lives. It’s your page. It’s not your memoir- just your life since high school compressed into about a page!

Want to know what any of your classmates have been up to since then? Click on their name and you get to read all about it.

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