After working at an alternate school in the city of Lancaster with students who had been expelled from the main school system, and knowing that I had always wanted to teach I earned my elementary education Master’s Degree and teaching certification two years after I graduated from college.

My favorite days were those I spent at home with my children for 12 years.  Those were days full of fun, flexibility, learning, laughter, sewing and crafting together.

I was fortunate to land in a job in the 90’s, where after embracing relational databases, gave me a springboard to a dream job, (although not in an ideal setting!) as a data analyst.  I would never have guessed prior to this how much I would enjoy my days alone with my computer in a nonsocial environment.  It was like “playing” with puzzles all day, as I would explain with a smile to colleagues who stopped by to show their appreciation of my work – which they thought must be a dreadful job! How fortunate I feel to have been able to play with data and provide the analysis for many colleagues’ post-graduate level dissertations with another fun statistical tool – SPSS!

In retirement I am fortunate to work with an amazing group of volunteers at our local food shelf and help lead with data analysis, outreach, and “marketing” materials as a Board member. I think along the way I should have been a graphic artist, with the emphasis on organization and information, not so much on the art!