Missing Classmates

We currently have email addresses for 77% of our class, unconfirmed USPS addresses only for another 16%, and no contact information for the remaining 5%. Please help us by looking at the lists below. If you know where any of them are, even if deceased, please use the form at the bottom of the page to send us any contact information you may have.

Lost Classmates

Anderson, Neil
Barry, Susan
Braman, Scott
Carlson, Janice
Donnelly, James
Ellerstein, Linda
French, David
Kiely, John
Krapf, Ann
Morreale, David
Peterson, Lindsey
Phillips, Scott
Price, Joan
Rauscher, Harry
Resnick, Eve
Smith, Judy
Tardif, Richard
Walker, John

Unconfirmed USPS

Anderson, James
Baer, Sheila
Basile, Christine
Bliss, Thomas
Booth, Jeffrey
Byrnes, Robert
Chamberlain, Mark
Chandler, Elizabeth
Evans, E. Gordon (Gordy)
Fairly, Rebecca
Gallea, Maryann
Geater, Robert
Gleason, Mary
Glennon, Joseph
Gommel, James
Gordon, Mary
Haughey, Deborah
Heggeness, Michael
Hendrickx, David
Henty, Scott
Herd, Thomas
Hopwood, Gay
Jacobs, Lynette
Keohane, Patricia
Knapp, Kathleen

Unconfirmed USPS

Kowalke, Jan
Lake, John
Lapiere, Linda
Lippa, Carol
Mapes, George (Sandy)
Maybee, Harry
O’Connor, Lauren
Parks, JoAnn
Pieper, Wallace
Privitere, Richard
Roberts, David
Rogers, Linda
Rojas, Virginia
Rooney, Mary
Sibley, Dana
Silco, James
Smingler, Deborah
Steane, James
Tarley, Ginny
Tuttle, Elizabeth
Van Buren, John
Van Huysen, Kristin
Versprille, Martha
Walker, Stephen
Warren, Joyce
White, Deborah
Williams, Jane
Wyman, Laurie
Young, Robert

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